11 August 2009

Sunday 9 August 2009 You are now listening to Mitch's Radio Blog...

The powers that be would like to broadcast a repeat of my radio show each week. Which is either quite a compliment or could mean they're desperate to fill gaps in the schedule.
No, can't possibly be that...!
I'd also like the opportunity to syndicate the show more widely and clearly to do both of these things successfully the programme needs a new name that isn't tied to a particular day of the week.

Over the past month or so I've considered and rejected a variety of alternatives and then it suddenly came to me that I was missing the bloomin' obvious.

This blog has been going as long as the show and is very probably almost as well known. So why reinvent the proverbial?

My radio show will henceforth be called,
'Mitch's Radio Blog'. Just as it says on the tin - on air and online.
It's grand when a plan finally comes together!

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