19 April 2009

Sunday 19 April 2009 Chat

I'm not a fan of reality TV or talent shows and I find Simon Cowell's persona (and trousers) so unattractive that I don't usually watch his programmes.
But after seeing the phenomenon that is Susan Boyle on
Britain's Got Talent last weekend and online via pretty much every world-wide media outlet this week, I've had to adjust my attitude.
What is it about Susan Boyle that's made her admittedly outstanding vocal performance a world-wide success, with some
10m hits on YouTube alone?
Somehow the combination of her appearance and manner and her astonishing performance has reduced a global audience to tears.
Is it her voice, her straightforward, simple manner, her determination to be heard, her frumpiness, her ordinariness, her total lack of ego?
Or has she attracted adulation as a result of the wider recession, global depression and our shared need to be encouraged and uplifted?
Does her joyous performance inspire us to hope that we similarly ordinary folk no longer in the first flush of youth, can also aspire to success?

Whatever it is - and it may be some of all of the above, Susan Boyle has managed to create what so many of us secretly wish we could generate and somehow take advantage of - unparallelled and entirely positive adulation.
And now the person Susan Boyle most seeks to emulate, musical actress Elaine Paige, has offered to duet with her.
Astonishing. Simply astonishing.

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I have never before seen the fruit machine behind anyone's eyes come up all cherries! Watch Simon Cowell's eyes as he watches Susan Boyle and see for yourself!
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Another terrific act from Britain's Got Talent hit the headlines this weekend; check out the performance of Shaheed Jafargholi from Wales. Two incredible performances in two weeks, that's some going, even for Simon Cowell.

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